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Each piece is created by selecting, cleaning & reforming a myriad of individual parts - if you closely study our images you'll be able to see pieces of gearboxes, bearings, springs, exhause pipes, crank shafts, chains & spark plugs all welded together by the artist to create each unique piece.

Equally suitable for the home, office or large scale installations, each piece we make takes hours of planning, designing & welding to create, our attention to detail is meticulous and our pride in the finished sculpture speaks for itself.

Our art always generate massive interest and attract huge attention, they are truly awe-inspiring and something to be proud of owning. They look magnificent in any setting, at home or in the workplace.

These pieces will need to be cleaned & re-lacquered periodically to keep them looking new. Alternatively, many clients prefer to leave outdoor metal art installations to weather to a rustic look which enhances their dramatic effect.