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How its Made

Each unique piece is hand crafted and welded together by one of our artists using only recycled metal parts. Each piece designed has undergone hours of designing and meticulous planning whereby each individual piece and part are selected and scaled to be used in the design. Once a design has bee agreed upon, parts need to be sourced, cut and bent ready to be welded. The welding process can take anywhere from hours to months depending on the size and detail of the piece. When finished, it has its shape but still looks dirty and burnt from the cutting and welding process. In order to make them look like new they are rigorously cleaned by buffering, filing, grinding and blowing. Once all the excess dirt and unwanted welding joints are removed and smoothed they are painted with a special anti rush paint which helps protect them and gives them that brand new felling and look. Our sculptures make for fantastic gifts that can be displayed inside or out.